If you have any questions, we are always happy to help. Plan chests are a large item and a big investment so we want you to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of the purchase. You can call us Monday to Thursday (please leave a message if lines are busy) 09.00 – 17.00 and 09.00 – 14.00 on Friday. You can email us at any time

Metalico-UK manufactures your purchase to order

Due to the size of the cabinets we make, each product is manufactured once we receive your order. Whilst we usually look at a four to six week lead time, exceptional circumstances and material availability can impact to both shorten or lengthen this time frame. All delivery dates are our best estimate and are not guaranteed.

Delivery is calculated based upon the size of product, the number of units you have purchased and your post code.

Due to the size and weight of these items the majority will be sent as one unit per pallet. Carriers charge us on pallet space and an A0 cabinet takes up 1.5 pallet spaces. Most vertical cabinets allow two units to be sent on one pallet. Mididrawer and Maxidrawer cabinets require an assembly team and are charged accordingly.

What happens when you place an order?

When purchasing, please choose the delivery that’s best for you:

  • Standard delivery. This is a 3rd party partner’s pallet service. The unit will be securely wrapped and palletised.
  • Once it has been manufactured, we will agree upon a delivery day and it will be shipped direct from the factory to your door.
  • Please note that standard delivery is a “kerb side drop” meaning that the driver will deliver as close as is safely possible to your entrance – but will not enter the premises.
  • Drivers will also not remove the pallet or wrapping and please do not be offended when they refuse to perform these actions.
  • As it is at least 100KG, your plan chest will need to be carefully and safely lifted and at least two able bodied people are required with working with heavy load knowledge.
  • Please note that we cannot be responsible for injury or damage of any persons or property.

In order to maximise your experience, it is vital that we have as much information as possible to assist a delivery. For example, what is the access like to the delivery address?

Here is a checklist of what we need to successfully delivery to you

  1. As well as your billing address, we need your complete delivery address including a contact number
  2. Paypal often copies in the billing address as shipping address so if it is different please update as couriers will charge you an extra fee to redirect
  3. Please add any and all relevant delivery details to your order or email it to us as soon as you order This could be opening times, restricted accessor where and where not to park. We use at least a 7.5 tonne wagon to deliver – about the size of the dust cart – and if you are in a narrow lane or have narrow gates we need to find an alternative. If we are not informed a redelivery fee will be due
  4. Ensure that you or a nominated person is available on the day to receive the delivery
  5. All sales are STANDARD DELIVERY. This means that a) it is not a timed delivery on the day b) it is to a convenient EXTERIOR drop point and no packaging is removed
  6. If you are unable to complete the move and install we offer a day rate for a fitting which includes one to two trained in house staff installers and a dedicated vehicle. This is a flat rate of £600.00* ex VAT for up to six units (excludes Maxidrawer)

Once you place your order, the production process begins. Firstly you should receive an automated order confirmation from this website, so please ensure that you give us the correct details.

(* Standard Installation at £600.00 ex VAT is for locations within the 2.5 hour travel zone of our depot. Please check for details)