Horizontal Plan Chests

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Horizontal Plan Chests are drawer based filing cabinets, available in sizes up to A0.

They are ideal for the storage of plans, maps and artwork, paintings, fabrics and flags, as well sensitive archive based originals commonly found in museums or libraries.

These plan chests are ideal for artists, architects and conservators alike, as they offer a huge sheet capacity.

Based on your requirements, Metalico UK makes and sells direct, a number of these plan chests, with varying drawer depths for smaller or greater capacity.

Cabinets offer excellent extension of each drawer for instant visibility and access.

Horizontal plan chests protect contents securely from the elements, are lockable and offer better fire resistance to wooden alternatives.

Certain models such as Prima 55 can be stacked up to three cabinets high, maximising your vertical space if floor space is limited or you need a lot of cabinets.

Each plan chest offers its own excellent protection of contents

The tops can be used for additional purposes such as storage or display

Ideal for drawings, plans, paintings, fabrics, flags, ephemera, and many other items

Models from Metalico UK

Britplan 75



Prima 55