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Quality Plan Chest Storage & Display Cabinets

Metalico Planchests, by Metalico.uk, is the leading UK manufacturer & supplier of Planchest storage & display units.

Our extensive range of Metalico-branded products is found in leading museums, public buildings and commercial and industrial environments worldwide. With almost 40 years of experience, our design and manufacturing team can handle the most complex and demanding bespoke plan chest storage requirements. As part of our expanding range, we now also offer a curated selection of guest products which aims to solve your storage requirements speedily and successfully. Items that we do not make are highlighted on their listing and have been vetted by the team. We work closely with the partner manufacturers, all of whom are in the UK, to ensure that quality and durability are maintained.

All Metalico brand products are made to order in the UK and we are there for our customers every step of the way.

Our aim is to use locally sourced materials, and we offer all our storage cabinets in British Steel. Parts are powder coated to give a long-lasting and easy to maintain finish.

The Metalico Plan and Media Storage range are simple, specialist storage products offering a variety of configurations for all sizes. All our products can be stacked, mounted on removable plinths or provided on a moveable castor base and come in a range of five standard colours. Other available RAL colours are available as an premium option. Please note that unusual colours may add to the lead time of your order – please feel free to ask about this when enquiring.


Horizontal plan chests offer flexible, professional storage that integrates specialist paint finishes, rear curl drawers to prevent trapping and close-fitting drawers and doors to protect contents. Our cabinets have easy to open, high quality drawer fittings, anti-tilt features and lockable drawers. All our horizontal chests can be stacked, mounted on removable plinths or provided on a moveable castor base and come in a range of colours as standard.


Vertical storage remains a popular option for easy access to large paper items such as blueprints, maps and plans and can make the most of limited space. They allow individual items to be easily identified and removed without disturbing other items. We produce a range of styles of unit with various prong configurations (2-prong, 4-prong, European, Multiprong), all with anti-tilt features.


Multimedia storage is a growing part of our business. We may live in a digital age, but archivists still need to store and access microfilm, microfiche, photographic negatives, DVDs, CDs, even audio cassettes, tapes and vinyl. Our multimedia range offers a range of drawer depths and configurations including removable partitions and follower blocks to allow multiple combinations and flexible layouts.


RAL5002 Ultramarine Blue

RAL9002 Smoke White (also known as Ivory and light grey)

RAL9005 Jet Black

RAL9006 Silver

RAL9016 Traffic White (also known as pure white)



Metalico.uk owns the IP to its designs, and so is able, where required, to offer a bespoke, premium design service. Each cabinet is assembled by hand by a team of in house employees. Manufacturing of each Metalico.uk product is conducted in the West Midlands. The state of the art facility includes its own steel cutting turret punches, steel folding machines and paint plant. The carbon footprint targets of the factory have been met yearly since implemented over a decade ago and are subject to audited ISO regulations and procedures.

So, whether you have a specific storage problem to solve or a question about measuring up or installation, we’re happy to help.

The team at Metalico UK is made up of specialists who have worked in this and associated storage industries for decades. We aim to find the best solution for our customers and to build a long term relationship based on trust and service. We will always do our best to support and serve you.

In the past few years the world has experienced a change in the way we interact but rest assured, we will always aim to offer a friendly and professional service, whether we are able to visit you in person or if we interact by telephone or video call.

Plan chests and associated storage items are a long term investment and we want you to not only get value for money but to also sing our praises. Its with that in mind that we are committed to you and your needs whether you are an artist at home, a National archive or an architect service.

All quotations are free and without obligation but may be time limited. This will be clearly stated in your quote document. Occasionally steel price fluctuates and if material costs rise significantly we reserve the right to add a “steel surcharge” to your quote. Again this will be detailed in the quote. However, we are also happy to reduce the price if steel suddenly falls in price.

You can call us Monday to Friday excluding public holidays 09:00 to 17:30 on 01536 401971. If the lines are engaged you will be invited to leave us a short message – so please leave your name, number and a brief message. We will call you back as soon as we can

You can email us at any time at sales@metalico.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.